It’s 21st century-so what female oppression still exists.

By Ruchi malviya

Last summer I met a girl named ‘Disco’ in Chanderi, a village in the interiors on Madhya Pradesh where my grandmother reside. She stayed with her father and a brother. Not a single person in the entire village use to talk to her. People use to kick her even if she came close to their houses. Looking at all this I asked my grandmother to explain me the reason for this ghastly reaction of villagers towards her. It was shocking to know that at the age of 6 she was raped by a group of men from the same village. This incident turned her mentally retarded. This was not the end. From that time she was raped very often by her own brother and father and it still continues.

Today India is talked in terms of globalization, industrialization, nuclear development, economic progress and most importantly democracy then why do we forget thousands of women who are burned daily because they did not reproduce a son and girls who are sold or exported for money. Though India has progressed but still we are rooted deep in our age-old culture and its belief. Women were oppressed then, women are oppressed now. On what basis do we define our country to be democratic, giving all its citizen right to equality?

Today whenever a girl is molested or raped the first question that the entire society asks is what was she wearing? A girl is expected to abide all norms laid by the society but nobody will question a man. It is women who should dress decently, should not go out of house late in night, be a good home maker, good child bearer etc etc. But what about men? Off course they are men they can do whatever they wish too.

Remember the dialogue from the movie ‘No one killed Jessica’ “Mujhe mera munnu wapas chahiya” (I want my son munnu back-aid by the mother of the accused). It speaks a lot about our society, the position of male and the power that exists in this orthodox society.

How much ever we call ourselves democratic but patriarchy still exists. And this is further reinforced by television soaps and cinema.

Every girl must have had an experience where she must have being furious but at the same time helpless on the situation when a guy must have molested her on road or any public place. But we cannot afford to be quiet today. There has to be an end to it. We will have to fight our own battle. We cannot be victims’ day in and out. If we wait for other to speak up and system to change overnight god forbid u could be another girl raped by your own loved once.

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