By Melissa Fernandes,

Jyoti Jhangiani

The secrets held by future have long fascinated people around the world, and since the beginning of time mankind has longed to unlock those mysteries. While some believe that the future is already written and others believe that it is always in motion, dependent on our actions. Out of curiosity we attempt to see what lies before us- good or bad. For this, we seek help and go to fortune tellers and satisfy our needs.  Fortune-telling, an art of predicting ones future through supernatural means, more often for commercial gains is what people opt for. It is similar to the religious practice known as divination.

I spoke to Jyoti Jhangiani, a professional tarot card reader in Chembur and explored her profession. She says, “I took up this profession when I discovered my interest and fascination in the study of tarot card reading and since than I’ve been in this profession. It has been three years. In my view, talent is not inherited but learnt.” Millions of people look up to them in hope of a bright and better future as they trust their predictions. For many of us, the thought of someone predicting our future sounds fiction as it goes against our way of thinking and beyond belief but many of these professionals have proved us wrong. They have predicted and it didn’t go wrong.

But what exactly makes these people who were once ordinary take up such professions? Is it inherited or does it develop with time? “My interest in this profession began right from childhood when I was exposed to astrology which was spellbinding but later learnt about tarot card reading and felt that it was this profession that I would even want to venture in and I’m happy I’ve made the right choice. I maintained my interest and worked to enhance it.”

True, these professionals have an interesting story to acquaint us with. They have also achieved their dreams through hard work and set a fine example for us teaching us the way to success which is impossible without facing difficulties. But are they really open in sharing their experiences? When asked about their most memorable experiences in their profession, Jyoti reluctantly said, “No. I cannot reveal any personal information about my clients as it’s against my professional ethics. Although, I have one thing to say that it becomes difficult for me to tell my clients the truth especially when it reveals an unpleasant event in their future. But I believe in saying the truth to people without any sugar coated words and I manage to deal with people of different temperaments.”

The choice for this profession is risky, but passion overcomes all risks. It could also hamper their personal lives as the faculty to predict ones future may be disturbing. When asked about the effect of their profession on their personal life as they have the faculty to predict ones future, Jyoti says, “I know how to maintain a perfect balance between my personal and professional life and I keep the two totally and absolutely separate. My profession has not yet affected my personal life. Tarot card reading is a challenging job but I know how to handle the responsibility of the job and also know how to live up to the expectation of the people by keeping their faith intact in a dignified manner. I have faith in God and my clients trust my reading completely which is important for me to know. I have repeated clients that help me build my morale. I also give my clients one advice which is to keep a positive outlook towards everything and let miracles happen”, adds Jyoti.

Jyoti encounters clients from all backgrounds and she uses different methods to tackle with their problems. She has also been in this profession for several years. “My motivation to continue in this profession comes from the opportunity to meet different people, gain knowledge and experience out of their lives. By helping people from different walks of life is what satisfies me personally and professionally,” adds Jyoti. This profession is undoubtedly interesting and fascinating and many practice it making a living out of it.


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