The rise of a new star

by Anisha Suvarna

For so many years, English has been the language that we have been listening to rock music in. Times are changing with new regional bands emerging in not only Hindi but also Kannada and Malayalam and so on. Playing covers is now passé, playing original music is the new in thing. Due to the existence of Bollywood music, bands in India find it very hard to survive by themselves. However, Raghu Dixit, a Kannada folk rock band player’s life is very different.

Inspired by classical music, this lungi clad, bead wearing guitarist and the lead singer of the Raghu Dixit Project come a long way. They are making waves internationally. As Raghu says that the music that The Raghu Dixit Project makes is a true representation of today’s India. The songs of this band are ethnic and rooted at the core, but at the same time, it is global in its outlook. He delivers songs in a fluid combination of English, Hindi and Kannada. It is does not come as a surprise that Raghu has been referred to as “India’s biggest cultural export” of recent times. He has been on a tour to London and played there and was called back to play on public demand. This is a big achievement for a guy that comes from a very humble background. He hadn’t touched a guitar till he was nineteen years old and when he did, he knew at that very moment what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Raghu inked a deal for his debut to be released on renowned world music label, Wrasse and, uniquely, for an Indian artist, a worldwide publishing deal with Sony/ATV last year in September.

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