Supercars entry into Indian market

by Anisha Suvarna

To own a supercar in India used to be a dream considering the cost and duties on them. Only the bourgeois could afford the luxury of such cars and the paperwork involved into acquiring these elegant beings of speed. We all know about the problems Sachin Tendulkar had to face to acquire his Ferrai who then had to shell out Rupees one crore.

Since then, European car manufacturers (who produce the best supercars) have made things easy for us Indians to acquire these beauties thus making our dreams come true.

Porsche Carrera GT: Porsche entered the India market with their regular sports cars but realised that there was a need to unleash the fastest machine. The Carrera GT is so beautiful that it is sutle to use the jaw dropping expression.

Audi R8: This car made news when Rishi Kapoor gifted this car to his son, Ranbir Kapoor on his birthday. It has been said that people end up staring at the car rather than even glimpsing at Ranbir. Honestly, I don’t think it matters to him when he is in it. That is how brilliant the car is.

Mercedes SLR: Mercedes has been in the Indian market for a very long time and its cars were always known to be the chauffer driven luxuries. This was untill the SLR came to India. No owner will ever let his chauffer touch it. Even Jr. Bachchan drives his own SLR.

Jaguar XF: The TATAs gave Indians the sweet taste of the Jag(uar). True to its name this car perfectly symbolysis the wild cat. It is a voluptous, curvilisious beast and one glance will have even the women agreeing to this statement as well.

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