By Ruchi Malviya

From even before the moment we are born, till the day we die, we are loved. Yet we still yearn for it. I guess this is because most of us are led to believe (from our experience at the movies), that love is what happens between two people when they are attracted towards each other and form that invisible, eternal bond called “love”. Sadly, this is not true.

The eyes of a new mother holding her baby for the first time are filled with love. And, it never diminishes. We think as we grow up that our mother always says no – this, no – that, that she is unable to see things our way. But deep in her heart, she wants us to be a good person, to grow up and be something some day. Yet we all mistake that for nagging or admonishment and fail to realize the inevitable truth – that she loves us.

Our friends love us. Otherwise who would hang around with a good for nothing, criticizing, ugly being? They rescue us from most of our perils. They lie to our parents that we are going to study when we go out to play. They say nothing, yet just seeing them once all our problems and tensions seem to vanish. They are our closest confidant, our secret-keepers. Every day when we meet them, talk with them, we share love. And still we crave to be loved.

People are too wary these days to trust others. They think that they are going to be cheated, or hurt if they confide too much with someone else. So they keep to themselves in their little world created by them, surrounded by walls suspecting anyone who so much as even asks them the time of the day. People fail to realize that by opening their hearts even slightly, they not only receive love, but also send it out. Even if we are hurt by two people, we will have created eight other relationships that will help us throughout our lives.

We see in movies that two people fall in love and live happily ever after. It is actually the other side of the story that is never told. The way they have to go through every day to make a living, and come back home being utterly tired and drained of energy, but just the sight of the other person makes them smile and forget everything else. That is love. The way they stick through hardships and poverty. That is love.

If we open our eyes to love, we will see it everywhere. The bird sitting on the tree chirping, the child clinging to its father’s shoulder, the cat licking her kitten clean, or the stray dog wagging his tail on receiving a bite to eat. If only we opened our eyes…


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