Indian television’s obsession with marriage

by Anisha Suvarna

Nowadays, every serial has some or the other getting married and is shot in a very grand fashion. Sometime back, a friend of mine told me that there will be three grand weddings aired on television and that she was sure that she would enjoy it very much. I simply stared at her while she was sharing this worthless piece of information with me and wasting my time my precious time. It did not understand why she thought that it was going to be fun to watch it at all. Sure the level of consumption shown at these marriages is very high. However poor they may be, but they always have the money to spend on weddings, what with the clothes, jewellery, the location, the reception, the food, etc. But marriage every other time being aired on television gets nauseating, for me at least.

However, that is not my problem since you may have noticed that I’m clearly not the target audience, what my problem is that marriage comes as something one has to go through compulsorily in life, especially for girls. She is never shown as having any ambitions in life other than dreaming of getting married one day and devoting the rest of her life to please her husband no matter how big a jerk he is. Getting is approval on every little thing is her goal in life.  On the other hand those who are shown as being slightly inclinated towards being even a little ambitious are the ones who play the negative role.

So the common scenario in almost every serial is a couple having about three to four children (never one or two children) and them getting married one after the other. Some of them even get married twice. And if any of them do not get married, even once, due to some problem then the parents worry themselves to death, quite literally fearing what other will say about their children being unmarried.

I do not know why they do it but they make it seem like their reputation is built only if all their children are married, not successful but married.

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