Haji Ali

By Anita Thomas

My purpose of visiting Haji Ali was to see what was so special about the mausoleum that hundreds of people leave their busy lives and come along to pay homage. The answer was quite different from what I was expecting- it was not only religion.

Haji Ali, a place where people from all walks of life gather for their own different purposes. Some come to earn a square meal for the day, some to donate for the poor to please the almighty, some to enjoy the quiet peace of the place, some to spend time with their companions, some to admire the architecture and others to bow their head in the prophet’s reverence. Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and tourists, all visit the place without any inhibition or resistance. Religion is not the chord that binds people together at this place, in fact religion or religious background does not even count. What brings people together is hope, hope of peace, hope of solutions, hope to see something new, hope of earning a square meal or even a hope to hope for. And peace, a peace that needs no preceding silence, a peace that needs no religion or god to settle and a peace that will stay behind for someone else after you leave Haji Ali.


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