What do women(dont) want!

By Kaveri Waghela

Women are simple.Men just complicate them.The age old adage on ‘What do women want’ is just a myth. Men instead forget on what do women don’t want. Blame it on their lack of knowledge or most specifically common sense. Here is the list of some of the things that women Don’t want!

1.We love being pampered please learn the art of pampering us or else who are you?

2.Ohh Puhleassssssse every girl doesn’t like pink. So please stop sending us everything in pink. Use your mind sometimes if you can!

3.Just because we talk with other guys doesn’t mean that we sleep around with them. So please stop being jealous.

4.Women love shopping as much as men love their PS3’S.So please don’t underestimate us, shopping is an art!.We might trade you for Gucci!

5.You think women cannot ride bikes. Well if you do then you’re indulging in eve teasing. Thinking that a women can’t ride or drive is an advanced form of eve-teasing.

6.If you think that we haven’t noticed you ogling at our twin assets ,you are sooo bloody wrong. Get a life you loser!

7.We are not going to change our surname for you. Our last name remains the same. So don’t even expect!

8 Dont draw conclusions on half baked sentences.

9.We are not commitment freaks! We just want to have a good time.Did you get that?

10.We are not control freaks. Even if we are ,you instigate that behavior in us with your stupid histrionics.

11If you’re Mr.’Know -it- all’ , impart your knowledge elsewhere.

12.Don;t slot us on shes the bitch,shes a bird brain,she’s the BEHENJI etc—– honestly dont you have other things to do!

13.Dont expect us to be all coy(a la Nirupa roy or some forgoten 90′s heroine) in front of your parents!We are what we are!

14.Men are better at some tasks accepted.But its only because of some basic primary characteristics.We have other things to look out at! Heard Multi-tasking?

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