The size ‘Zero’ Culture

by shabdita Shrivastav

There’s a new style statement doing around the world these days. And that’s size Zero! It’s becoming famous but definitely for the wrong reasons. Women of all ages want to look slim and flaunt their body. And they are leaving no stone unturned for it. From visiting fitness clinics to crash dieting to liposuction they are willing to do it all. The media is definitely playing an important role in this. A lot of magazines and TV shows today are dedicated to how should one diet and exercise for size zero.
A number of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton, Nichole Richie, Victoria Beckham now – a – days flaunting their size zero figures. And a lot of women today are taking inspiration from them. In India actress Kareena Kapoor flashed her size zero by losing 8 kgs for her film Tashan. These women should not be our role models and people should realise that and stop following them.
People do not actually realise the hazardous impact of the same. A study reveals that crash dieting for size zero could lead to osteoporosis. Other health consequences include depression, insomnia, headache, mood swings, loss of periods, hair fall problem, dry skin, fertility problem etc.
There are a lot of companies today who are making money out of the size zero tablets and diet plans. People are desperate and to lose weight and ready to believe that they can do so by just popping a pill or by not eating.
It’s high time that people realise that size zero is not a good thing and a healthy body and mind can do wonders. There is no need to look as thin as a stick to be fashionable. In fact it is more important to eat the right wholesome, healthy diet which will help a lot in the long run. Missing meals is not a good option to lose weight and nor will it make you look good. So girls just don’t get obsessed by the charm of Size Zero. Having a balanced and healthy diet is important, with exercise as well to keep your body active.

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