The New India is here!

By Kaveri Waghela

Movies have been well adored in India. They come a close second after sports. We love our movies. From the classic ‘Mughal-e-Azam to the peppy ‘ Band Bajaa Baarat. India is the largest producer of movies. The whole idea of sitting in the theatre every Friday is a joy that just cannot be compared.

Our movies are commendable. There is one for everyone. The intelligent ‘art house cinema’ by Satyajit ray, Deepa Mehta, shyam Benegal, the family-slice of life movies of Hrishikesh mukherjee, the  one that takes you the utopian world type movies by Sanjay leela bhansali, the total shahrukh khan-kajol movie by karan johar, the love stories by Yash Chopra. We have it all! The character descripted in these movies are even more amazing. We have the quintessential ‘Prem’ as Salman Khan, The eternal ‘Raj’ as Shahrukh khan and offcourse the love songs and the plush sets interwined in between. But how far the world depicted in the movies is true?

The movies will have some obnoxiously huge homes which will, by all means, depicted as a ‘home in mumbai’. A place where a footpath is synonymous as home to many! A middle class family in Mumbai, as portrayed in Mumbai will have  some innumerable and large rooms that can only be described as palaces. The description of a house in every Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie is a house that only he can relate to. A house that remotely looks as if it has been constructed in Venice! Karan Johar is not far behind, he is the prodigee who is known to devour his audiences with lavishness. He only depicts the rich, urban family who live in palaces that only he can imagine in Mumbai.

But do these families exist in India as these filmmakers depict it as. Where is the real India? Are we only subjected to the whims and fancies that the filmmakers depict? Or are we chronic escapists?

2010 has been a very good year for the Indian film Industry. It was the year when biggies like Mr Bhansali and Mr Johar took a backseat and simple, slice of life movies by undiscovered directors ruled the roost. Manish Sharma’s Band Bajaa Baarat was one such movie that caught the audiences frenzy. A close second d was the adorable ‘Do dooni Chaar’ directed by Habib Faisal that described  a middle class family’s struggle to purchase a car; added with great dialogues, this movie was something that the audiences could relate to. The unexpected hits like Phas Gaya re Obama and Tere Bin Laden not only ticked the funny bone of the audiences but also depicted the middle class India..the ‘aam aadmi. There is certain sincerity in these movies, something that the urban middle class India can relate to. We don’t need the lavish-over the top movies..we want something that we can enjoy..that we can call our own, our India!

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