Sultry Days

By Prachiti Dhopatkar

A book can teach you a lot of things and Sultry Days– Shobha De’ has taught me the deeper meaning of Charity. I am willing to give this book to anyone who asks for it first! Of all the grave interviews that I read of her I assumed fiction would be a cake walk for her. But no I was wrong, horrendous fiction writer. (I could not find a word stronger than this one)
Hardly did I get through this book that my family complained that I was showing symptoms of depression. (yes it was that difficult to get through)
The beginning of the book was readable, the girl Nisha and her unconventional crush on this guy called God (wonder what she was thinking when she named the character God) Chapter one was not that much of a torture, but as I continued she started introducing absurd characters who had some vague connection with Nisha. When the author described Nisha and her friends’ visit to the brothel, I don’t know why it made me thank God for not giving me such adventurous friends.
After that I gave up and said no more…. Nothing on earth can get me through this book. Suddenly I could hear the preacher from the Art of Living class, (now I am hallucinating also) I could hear the heavy husky voice say “highlight the good things in the book and carry on” Awakened by the thought, (or just scared I was turning mad) I picked up the book again. Read a few more pages…
Lucky it was Sunday the next day, I knelt and asked the Lord for forgiveness and asked him to get me the strength to face this situation strongly. Then I got home and continued reading…. Got lost in between and even forgot which book I was reading …
When I reached the climax I realised that God (the main character) dies. A huge tear rolls down ma cheek… I was no sad because of the death. But I wept for all the people who went through this book, they deserve to be felicitated at the India Gate. At many times I felt not continuing with the book but something inside me kept saying…there must be some reason why such a book was written. But NO till the very end I did not figure out why over a two hundred pages were wasted. And people are getting eco friendly.
Please stay away from this book, go watch any movie instead. Am sure it’s a better way to waste your money.

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