Suicidal Diaries- Eutanasia

by- Aishwarya Shree Sharma

I am not here to throw a bunch of statistics in your face, about how many people commit suicide, over how many days. I am here to just talk about if I was driven to suicide what would it be. Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life owing to certain circumstances beyond ones control, when I was younger I always thought that suicide was the act of a coward man. As I grow older everyday, I realize suicide is the act of a desperate man. We live in a society divide into class, caste, creed, religion, sex, age, and these barriers only grown everyday.

A child is born unknown to the world, he/she gradually internalizes how society functions, what is expected of him/her, some of us come out lucky but obviously most do not. Born to a fortunate family, I had it very easy, a good house, a good school, a good life in general. But, what do you do when you realize that life has no hope left, when you try your hardest and yet it yields no result. When you study day in and out, and are reminded everyday that your marks are all that will make you as a person, and yet despite getting that 99.9% you do not get the seat you deserve. Or, when you spend months toiling on farmlands and you do not manage to rub to dimes together. What do you do? We all know about the theory of survival of the fittest, what do you do when you realize that you cannot only not run in the rat race, but you were never meant to. A child is an angel whose wings decrease as, his legs increase, as the innocence is thrashed out of us everyday, where do those go who never had anything to hold onto?
Euthanasia a powerful and rather controversial term, refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. If we came into the world not by our choice, is it our right to leave the world by our own choice? Is it fair to let someone end their life just because they cannot run in the race anymore? Do we as people have the right to question our existence, and end it as we please? Euthanasia has been often as of an escape route for people who want to get rid of responsibilities. But imagine your life without your legs and arms, imagine the helplessness you feel when you watch everyone run and yet you sit in that one corner.

Most success stories talk about people learning to live their life with these barriers imposed on them, but what about those who failed to do so despite trying as hard. We must keep in account no human being is the same, even the very will power of people vary from one to another. If we keep in mind that not everyone is the same, so does the success story of one hold true to another? Or imagine losing a loved who meant the world to you, and yet time has not been able to heal the wounds, and you wait everyday just for the minutes to pass. You might find it odd that I support something as terrible as an act of taking ones own life, but imagine watching a loved one break down further everyday in front of you, when he/she has tried everything in the world and yet cannot seem to find hope in them. Ask yourself will you let them hold onto something they never understood, or would you let them pass onto a better life?

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