Protect, Nurture and Conserve

By Esther Cabral
Water is an essential resource for the existence of all living creatures. The human anatomy contains 70% fluids which is water based. In India, water crisis should cease to exist as the geographical landscapes consist a large number of water bodies and the climate is not too dry which helps maintain the supply of water. The water crisis in India is predominantly a man-made problem. Poor management of the resource, unclear laws, lack of awareness about the water problem, lack of enthusiasm to curb the water crisis are a few reasons for water pollution and the depletion of groundwater reserves.
Urbanization and mindless usage of water has surged the water woes. Climate change too has exacerbated the changing pattern of the monsoons which has led to diminished reserves of water in reservoirs and natural water bodies. Due to low rainfalls the groundwater reserves with fresh water that is fit for consumption is depleting. Salinity too, is increasing in the water bodies due to the irregular and low rainfalls.
Water is a precious resource without which our existence is endangered. We need to save every drop! Around 75% of water used inside a home is consumed in the bathroom¬: shower baths, flushing, household chores consume most of the water we receive. It is not difficult to reduce this consumption. Things as simple as closing the tap while brushing and using a bucket instead of the shower could considerably reduce our water consumption. At the industrial level, stricter laws for conservation and also refraining from releasing effluents into water sources should be enacted. This should be accompanied by the government issuing exorbitant fines and even have the power to shut down industries that violate this code of conduct.
Water conservation is an idea which is followed by a negligible number. It is we who can help create a better future by being more considerate to this natural resource. The little we do can help reduce water crisis. We need to take the first to conserve water and encourage those around us to do the same.
Water is nature’s gift to us, we need to protect, nurture and conserve it.

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