Photography of Ansel Adam

water fall

By Prachiti Dhopatkar

Hi guys, this post is specially for photography enthusiast people.. Its is always really great to meet people who share the same interest and recently I happened to meet a person who is very passionate of photography just like me.

To shoot pictures any layman can do it and call him a good photographer but a actual photographer will know its origin and the masters who has created wonders in this field.. There are two kind of “real” photographers 1. Who is very passionate and can capture moments just by knowing how to handle the camera and the 2. Is the one who is very passionate about photography and loves to read about the masters, its origin and obviously can capture moments with no flukes.

adams nevada fall

This post will be catering to the second section .. people who love to know about great photographers and to gain knowledge about them..

ANSEL ADAMS: He was one of the greatest photographer known world wide. He has captured images which are very sharp, brilliantly lit, with clear shadows and the depth of field is always in his focus which is his USP according to me. He has captured nature magnificently which you will see in his pictures. His books are considered as bibles for enthusiast photographers and professional photographers. He captured nature in a pure and intensified form.


ANSEL ADAMS: (Feb. 20th 1902 -April 22, 1984) a photographer and an environmentalist was born in San Francisco. He wasn’t so much interested in formal education but he taught himself how to play piano and how to read those notes which guides them how to learn the instrument, later he was an influential writer. After few years he devoted himself for photography. He began using Kodak No.1 Box Brownie his parents gave him.
• He was the 1st man to have a solo exhibition in1928 at club San Francisco headquarters. He pursued “Straight Photography” in which the clarity of lens was emphasized and the final print was not manipulated in the darkroom
• He played a keep role in the establishment of the 1st museum department of photography, MUSEUM OF MODERN ART IN NEW YORK which now has many photographers work such as Brassia, Helmut Newton etc. When people thought of nature and its environment they often envisioned themselves in terms of Ansel Adams. He has his own gallery called the ANSEL ADAMS GALLERY , and in those days there were very few photographers who could established their own gallery
He has published 8 portfolios of original photographic prints and dozens of books
• Camera and Lens (1948),
• The Negative (1948)
• My Camera in the National Parks (1950)
• Death Valley (1954) etc.

the Snake River

Adams sky picture

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