Innocent Being!

By Rasika Pote

On 2nd December 2010 my twin nephews Aarav and Aarush were born was the most memorable day of my life. I was very excited to the fact that for the first time I can closely witness the growth of a new born. The experience to have them around all the time is amazing. The tenderness of them softens our heart. My sister and mother are constantly behind them 24X7 which has become their daily routine. The kids are still two and a half months old but for me they seem to be real geniuses. When I used to accompany my mother in the childhood days to see a new born and then after a few years the child would already be a 3yr old. The speed at which these kids have grown I am still wondering why is the growth of my nephews so slow? This is the most stupid question I can be asking but I got my answer as I saw each day is a growing day for them. As they are born in the age of technological advancements they have already become camera conscious. Their every moment is captured from smile, cry, yawn, laughter, bored, sleepy, and many more expressive expressions. Their carefree days make any adult envy of them. They are god’s children as they can’t talk to us but I am being told that they have long chats with god in their sleep. I have seen them smiling in their sleep and crying aloud also in their sleep. When asked for reasons my mother gave me a not so convincing answer which says they cry in their sleep because God says, “Your mother is no more” and when they smile God had said, “Your mother is back”. I found it really funny but then may be that’s a possibility. They are a blessing to our family as their presence doesn’t allow any negativity in the family and every moment is spent with their happiness and smile.

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