Clogged, Jammed and Cleared

By Esther Cabral

The wheels were invented for faster transport but it is a pair of feet that can be more efficient. it is ironic that the tool for transport as oppose to walking on foot has become so incapable to fulfill its purpose. I’m sure this thought has occurred in the minds of most of the regular city travelers using the roadways. Traffic is not pleasant especially when you have a routine or a plan that has time constraints. On your way to work or then just meeting friends; you don’t want to be late!
The traffic situation on Mumbai has heightened in the past decade. The streets are crowded beyond its capacity. The automobile industry is surely ecstatic with the increase of private vehicle owners. In fact a biker friend pointed out the increase in cars…which apparently is problem for bikers find it difficult to pass through the narrow openings and reach the to the signal. My brother wants to be dropped by car to his workplace which is half an hour away despite the availability of convenient alternative transport facilities available to him. So who should bare the repercussions of this trend? The answer is clear.
Traffic is such a menace that people have actually stopped traveling during particular hours or as it is famously known the peak hours which I’m still trying to decode as the exact time. The traffic causes havoc in personal routine too. You can’t be possibly wasting an hour or two traveling in rather uncomfortable situations and perform with efficiency in your professional life. It even takes a toll on personal relationships as you are just too stressed to devote some quality time for your loved ones. I’m sure everyone desires of gallivanting the city in their own vehicle to avoid the hardships of entering crowded buses after waiting for may be around one hour. But is this the only solution.
I don’t deny that public transport is not exceptionally good. But then is buying a car or bike for personal use a solution. Public transport is surely inefficient and inconvenient but then we can change this system. We belong to this city and have the right to demand for a good transport system. All we need is to set some time aside and fight for this cause. We just frown over inefficiency but who wants to work towards changing this scenario. Recently a friend from Singapore was discussing the transport system there. The transport system is so efficient that you don’t require a car; the stations are close to public places like malls, restaurants and other hang outs. This gives hope that our city with the amount spent on infrastructure, metros and all that, can have public transport easily accessible.
Life in a city is not a bed of roses but we should try making it less thorny by be participants rather than just silent recipients.

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