Narendra Modi

By- Aishwarya Shree Sharma

I clearly remember that day back in school when I was taught what curd was made of. Curd being one of my favorite things to eat, I was shocked to discover that it was made of – Bacteria. Bacteria was bacteria for me but, as I bothered to lend an ear to my teacher I realized that in our world existed two kinds of bacteria – One that helps us to survive, and the other which quite obviously is harmful to us. But, I had to go home rather disappointed that day, because no matter how much I hated bacteria I needed it to survive. You must be wondering what, is the connection between ‘Bacteria’ and the title to my blog post – ‘Narendra Modi’. Much like the bacteria which helps us to survive, Narendra Modi is the good bacteria which even though has been one of the greatest reasons for Gujarats success today, has also been a great reason for destruction of Gujarat’s social fabric, but no matter good or bad – bacteria is bacteria.

Narendra Modi has been in the eye of the storm with many a politicians, be it Nitish Kumar’s firm stand on not wanting Narendra Modi to campaign on behalf of the JDU-U-BJP alliance, or back in 2005 when the United States of America barred him from their country with respect to carrying out acts of sheer violence, what stuns me is that Narendra Modi has managed to survive.

Who can forget the Godhra riots, but at the same time who can forget the overnight transfer of the TATA NANO plant to Sanand. As Chanda Kochhar chairperson and managing director of ICICI Bank says “The world looks at India and India looks at Gujarat”, what angers me are the scenes I saw from the Godhra riots. But, how do you kill a man who feeds your stomach? Gujarat today stands as one of the most prosperous states in India, with big industrialists of the country daily pouring into Gujarat to invest, the state is only growing. This brings us down to one question – at the cost of what? As the industrialists of our country sing praises of ‘Narendrabhai’, and Kumar Mangalam Birla says that “India needs more of Narendra Bhais, to take into the lead, the superpower we desire to be”, have we forgotten the screams of the people, or the iconic photograph of a man joining his hands to beg mercy for his life, or burning trains which haunt the people of Gujarat till date, the question still remains at the cost of what?

I too am a fan of the industrial growth that has taken place in Gujarat, being one of the most transparent states in our country, the industrialists find it rather easy to approach the Gujarat government for their workings in the state. But, is it right to forward a politician who does find himself accountable for the social misgivings he has committed, he is not merely a threat to the peace of a state, but is he truly a deserving candidate. Narendra Modi takes me back to the days I studied Adolf Hitler in school, even though Germany prospered under the dictatorship of the Führer, it did so at the cost of its very own people.

This brings me down to the point, if development is what we are looking for is it right that we as human beings do not give into account any of our wrong doings? Is it right to massacre the peace of our society, as the whole world looks onto us? Narendra Modi is not only a politician but also a reflection of what we as people are becoming. As I conclude in the end I would like to reflect on where I began – Narendra Modi is the bacteria in my curd, even though I might not like him I need him to survive

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