By Melissa Fernandes

Cell phones are a growing fad not only among youngsters or teenagers but also children who go to schools. After owning gaming stations and music systems, tech-savvy children now demand for their very own cell phones which are no longer considered an adult commodity but just another style statement. Children get attracted to the new and fancy cell phones very easily. It has become popular and regarded as a basic necessity for many children.

As this trend grows many children are seen flaunting cell phones after school and spend a lot of time talking to their friends. But is a cell phone a right option for them or at what age do they need one? This question has been debated endlessly. Parents are mostly put in a spot when they have to make such a decision. Some are forced to give while some simply give it to their kids as they want to fulfill all their ‘wants’. For some parents, it’s a matter of security of their children who travel far for classes while some give it to be updated on the kid’s whereabouts.

As cell phones provide a sense of safety and security, it also helps kids during an emergency like accidents as they can call and inform their parents. But do kids only use cell phones for this purpose? Cell phones are also a source of distraction as kids can talk continuously over the phone. Safety also goes at stake when kids have cell phones as they can exchange numbers with strangers and then get into unnecessary trouble. Also sometimes, kids share unsuitable SMSes and MMSes that can disturb and distract their minds.

Other than this, even we use cell phones throughout the day and are now so addicted to it that we feel restless if it is misplaced or confiscated, like in college. We fiddle with our cell phones when we are alone, in class or whenever we feel like. Cell phones come handy when we have to get in touch with someone or catch up with an old friend. Cell phones, like Blackberry’s are the most convenient and act like a calendar, computer and so on. We don’t even bother to remember anything as we always have our cell phone to remind us about anything under the sun.

It has probably taken over our lives and could be termed as all our best friends! Addiction to it increases our dependency on technology and also doesn’t encourage us to improve our memory as everything detail we have to remember is on our cell phone. Cell phones do have pros and cons but it is one habit that doesn’t wear off that easily and with the changing world it has grown into a style statement and a necessity.

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