Stop Juvenile crimes in India

By Ruchi Malviya

Be it a boy who brutally stabbed his father, step mother and his step brother and celebrated the victory and execution of his plans by eating sweets or two sixteen year old boys in Kolkata who raped their friend sister and then casually left for playing football or the MMS scandal of two students in Delhi, all fall under the preview of juvenile crime. Juvenile crime has become a global spurting problem. Today juvenile crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. And so do in India it has become a major problem that demands immediate attention and control measures.

It is very important to first state what is juvenile crime? Children falling into any extreme bad habits, crimes, ill practises and unacceptable social behaviour are said to come under called juvenile crime. It extends from stealing, beating, bashing, and murder to sexual activities

Today more and more children are committing crimes in India. The statistics of juvenile crime boosted up from 21,088 in 2006 to 22,865 in 2007. India has seen 8.4% increases in the number of juvenile crime in 2007. Out of this, 7,498 — were theft followed by 4,832 for hurts, 3,744 for burglary and 2,231 for riots. Madhya Pradesh reported the highest 5,089 number of juvenile crimes in the country followed by 4,499 in Maharashtra and 1,864 in Gujarat.

It is very important to ascertain the factor or the causes that propels innocent children to commit such crimes.

Today joint family’s doesnot exist and in nuclear family there is less supervision on child as both the parent are usually working. Thus ignorance, spending less quality time with child, bad and influential peer group is leading to such kind of crimes. Sometimes violence or stressful atmosphere of home leads to a vacuum in the minds of children. There is a feeling of helplessness and in affection that grows within them. Thus to avoid such mood they retort to criminal behaviour. Childhood period is a risky period. It is very delicate period which decide the remaining future of the child thus any lack to supervision can distort the future of the child completely.

It is not only small children that indulge in such crimes but also adolescents. Children are often rebelling at this stage in life they need to be treated with objective reasoning thus any sort of forceful attitude towards them makes them aggressive.

The other factors that cause these crimes are psychological problem, nurturing defect, addiction of alcohol or drugs, stress- strain, social disorganization etc.

Media has played a very vital role in badly affecting the children by exposing them to violent activities on TV channel and game shows. Thus this makes them rebellious. Apart from this the child are expose to sex and sex related programmes on TV sets that also influences them to a very large extend.

Juvenile crime cuts across through all social –economic section of the society. The ratio of the children of the rich to the children of the poor is the same.

It is high time that measures needs to be taken to prevent innocent children from indulging into hideous crimes.

Firstly parents should spent quality and quantity time with children. They should develop a healthy balanced communication and relationship with them. Children at early age consume everything and anything easily thus parents should avoid watching them violent and aggressive shows. Secondly sex education should be provided to them at the school level to prevent them into getting any wrongdoings. Apart from one should let the thoughts of a child float freely so as to motivate and inspire him/her.

At an individual level one can undertake such measures.

Apart from this care should be taken of the juvenile delinquents who stay in such children home care. Proper food, education, sports, health programmes and counselling should be provided to the children to motivate them to do something good in their life and never indulge into such crime again. But today something opposite is happening in India today. The environment of such home care are not good therefore the ones who are inside turns into bigger criminals one’s they are out.

The government came up with Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 talks about juvenile crime in detail and covers all aspects. But again government has failed to control this in India as the statistics are rising at an alarming rate.

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