Farewell second home

By Sonia Khudanpur

We’ve all been through the phase of losing something that is dear to us only because it is time to move on. Some of us are going to feel the same way in a few days, when we leave the place that has been nothing less than a home away from home- our college.

The three years in this college will seem to be an entirely different lifetime after we move out. It will be a time when we were students and had teachers, who asked us to complete assignments, gave us deadlines and pushed us to come to college and participate in various other activities.

College has not just been classrooms and teachers, projects and attendance, but it has been a space where freedom truly meant freedom for us. During our lectures we discussed everything from politics to poverty to sex and gender discrimination. The list was endless. Anything could be said about these issues, everyone’s opinion was valid and each one of us was expected to respect the other person’s opinion. There came a point in our discussions that made us feel that talking about issues in a classroom in a ‘South’ Bombay college, didn’t make much sense. But, we realised how much was not being discussed where it should be. We realised how little we knew about these issues and how silly we were to believe that it didn’t matter. That is one of the best things the college has given us. It is the ability to think and form well-informed opinions that matters in the real world.

In the real world, our voices will have little value and so will our feelings. Freedom will be there, but it will be controlled and checked. Opinions can be shared, but within the limits defined by the organisations we work for. Our opinions may sometimes not be our opinions at all and may just be a statement that supports or promotes our organisation’s objective.

So let’s cherish these last few days in our beloved college that has, in terms of education, given us and taught us much more than our schools or families did.  Let us also consider ourselves to be among the lucky few who got an education that not only meant books but also growing as individuals. Say goodbye to the college, say goodbye to the teachers, but don’t ever say good bye to the education that taught us that we need to be students all our lives in order to be real achievers.

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4 Responses to Farewell second home

  1. 19idealogues says:

    I take my words back. I will miss my college very much. Will miss you all too.

  2. Sonia it’s just PERFECT! very well said…….

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