Regional Films…A Visual Treat!

By Rasika Pote

The category which excites the most to Indians in any Film Festival is the section of Indian Frame which screens the best from the Indian cinema. Every film inspite of the language barrier connects to its audience in a most conventional way.
Regional films strike a chord within every Indian heart more than any international film. Films like”Vihir” by Umesh Kulkarni, “Jogva”, “Rita”, “Harishchandrachi factory”, “Paltadacho Munis”, “Abhomaan” and many more have received appreciation from the global audience. Every image on screen conveys its flavor to the person watching the film. You feel for the character in the film with whom you cry or smile with while watching the film. It is always seen in regional films that the filmmakers keep in mind all the distinct details with regard to the story, location,cast,music, dialogues etc while making movies. Regional films are the roots of Indian cinema and are authentic in their mode of expression.
In India regional films are neglected in comparison with our very own “BOLLYWOOD”. International filmmakers find Indian cinema completely different where they agree to the fact that Indian movies are Paisa Vasool movies. Film festivals are a platform to show the true talent and creativity of an Indian filmmaker who uses cinema as a medium of expressing emotions through cinematic techniques. Indian cinema is forgetting the roots and moving on to commercialization where the movies bank on entertainment value. The fact remains that regional cinema may not have expensive sets, loud music, or successful stars but it still has the depth in story, true emotion, excellent cinematography, natural sounds and a place for you to identify with the movie. One quality which differentiates Bollywood from regional films is that regional cinema are adaptiions of literature works which includes written texts, poems, short stories, novels etc. This is the rich quality which raises the standard of filmmaking and helps in contribution to cinematic excellence.


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