Cricket World Cup a Misconception

By Rasika Pote

Cricket is considered to be a religion in India. People from all parts of the country worship the cricket team while some do engage in Idol worship of individual players. Sachin Tendulkar known for his consistent and acclaimed career in cricket has been considered the “God” of cricket by his fans all over the country. In the past when the Indian team has won matches people celebrate the victory with great joy and jubilation but when they have failed there have been incidents when people burn their statues. This kind of expression is very scary and can always turn into any violent or destructive situation.
The fever of World Cup grips everyone in India and to the people of that country which is playing the world cup. Cricket World Cup is misconception because there are many countries across the globe which is not part of this so called WORLD CUP. There is so much poverty and suffering spread among the small countries which remain unaware from the rest of the prominent countries. These countries are finding it hard to have two square meals a day. They live in severe conditions with no proper facilities and deprived of basic needs. They are not playing in the World Cup then why is it known to be a significant event? Cricket has lost its basic nature as a sport and has just become a commercialized business endeavor. World Cup should be played for these poor countries so that they win the match of survival. There are infinite number of people living, no idea where but are fighting every single moment to find a single grain of food. If this is the case then who are we playing the matches for? Which country’s pride and honour it is? The money which is produced out of these commercialized matches is really huge and can actually benefit the countries which don’t even have enough resources to support their sportsmen and to encourage their talent. I think we should stop filling the pockets of the rich by being a part of this commercial sale of sport and address the global issues of sports and sportsmen.

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