From Dreams to Reality

By Rasika Pote

I wish I had compiled the dreams I had every night because one of my biggest dream has turned into a reality. You must be thinking which dream holds this importance in my life. So here I am putting my emotions down in words and reliving the period again. My first job as an intern in Cinevistaas Ltd. Productions was the golden opportunity of my life. It was for a television fiction show “Dill Mill Gayye” which is my favourite. It was an experience which is memorable thanks to the people I worked with and the joy of working on the other side of the screen. My first interview was with the creative director who was very sweet and as she said “ok then, you can join in from tomorrow” was like a pinch to feel it was real. As the next morning I entered the gates of Cinevistaas studio it was like a beautiful castle standing tall and welcoming me with open arms. Assuring the watchman that he shall see me everyday from now I proceeded towards the entrance. My journey to explore the place had begun and I was on a spree to introduce myself to any individual who looked like a decent human because in the morning while leaving for work my dad had echoed the famous Jab We Met film dialogue “Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hain” in my ears. I introduced myself as a new entrant into the creatives camp which meant facing some rejected faces while some politely accepting my existence. Working as an intern creative and learning the tricks of story telling business was my fundamental goal. I was also carrying a DMG fan attitude with me which made me inquisitive for those pair of blue eyes whom I have adored from the age of sweet sixteen. The sheer anxiety of meeting those blue eyes and the captain of the ship that’s my boss was giving me an adrenalin rush. The captain of the ship was a lady in black who is like a lioness strong enough to take charge and also a loving and caring person. I referred to her as female Yash Chopra of television with affection. She was the one who introduced those pair of blue eyes to my name and with a smile they welcomed me. It was a treat to be on the sets everyday and see the story unfold in front of me. There were some guardian angels while some popular faces who kept me going during my internship days. I feel fortunate to have a peek into this world which is mistaken to be about glamour and fame but in reality it is about passion, hardwork and strong determination to strike a chord with your audience. I am looking forward to enter the world of film and television to be a part of this magical tale.


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