Red Alert!

By Kaveri Waghela

The five questions that i would like to ask the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh on the never ending issues of Naxalism-Maoism in India.

1.Does s a 10 year imprisonment for the people who sympathize with the Maoists help? Proper law over Propaganda.Where does the buck stop? (Hope not at Binayak Sen!)

2.Will there be any law to stop the ongoing mayhem that the common man goes through? Will the Maoists and the Government stop playing Hide-n-seek?

3.In 2006,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh referred to the Naxalites as,”The single biggest security challenge ever faced by our country”.The Indian government led by the United Progressive Alliance banned the CPI (Maoist) under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) as a terrorist organization.Will prosecution ever be considered over prohibition?

4.There is a human rights violation by the callous extraction of precious minerals like bauxite etc from the belts of central India.Habitation exists there.Are the Tatas listening? Ditto with the the government

5.Is escapism in the name of ‘Prohibition of law’ more important than a concrete law for the Maoists? Is Salwa Judum as the government claims really a ‘Purification Hunt’ or a Mass Genocide?

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