Handicapped without my Internet

By Rasika Pote

In the age of cyber café and web world centers around I still feel handicapped without the internet because I lost my Reliance Broadband Net connect modem. Internet has become another family member without whom the house looks incomplete. After loosing the modem I have realized its importance as we fail to closely watch the technological growth of the Internet from the complicated wired connection to the slim device which can be easily slipped into our pocket. This slim device connects us to world from the place we want to get connected. For a youngster and a media student like me the use of internet is very crucial as life depends on it to survive the academic pressure. Technology is entering our lives at a faster pace then it was a few years ago. It’s no more sufficient to just read textbooks and attend lectures to survive in the competitive world. It is true that our lives revolve around Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other social networking sites but there is more to be learnt from the other part of the web. To be very honest, after loosing the internet the first thing I felt sad about was the thought of not being on Facebook and twitter. The web has something in store for people belonging to all the age groups. There is so much more to be explored on the internet but as the modem is missing there is a feeling of loneliness. There is sheer helplessness of not being able to do stuff on the internet when you actually want to do it. It’s become important than the phone as If the phone is lost I could still survive but not the internet. The guilt of loosing someone really precious and the shameless attitude of just buying another connection is a conflict to be fought within.

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