Decaying City

by Esther Cabral

DECAYING CITY is the theme of my photo essay…
The people of Mumbai have stood united as one whole during times of trouble and celebration. It is the hub of varying opinions that co-exist peacefully. But it’s sad to see the city being defaced by us- ‘its citizens’.
Our civic and developmental sense is lost. We keep our houses clean but dump garbage outside. Development is progressive but at the cost of environmental damage. Unscrupulous constructions, increase in the number of vehicles, over crowding of the city; exerts immense strain on the city.
Rules exist but a negligible number actually follow them. How do we expect a hassle free city when we ourselves fail to be complying and conscious citizens?

Before pointed fingers on others, let us introspect our shortcomings and make this city worth living in all the aspects!

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