Are Malls our new Temples?

By Prachiti Dhopatkar

The moment there is a festival we run to a mall for shopping, window shopping etc. Nowadays it seems our default venue for every activity is the mall- it’s where we shop, eat, watch movies, bowl, and plan to meet our friends, have romantic dates or just generally loiter around. Even senior citizens are seen in malls, there was a time when there was no running water; the multi-level, air-conditioned mall represents comforts, choice, luxury and better times.
You get everything under one roof. In this generation people visit malls regularly; in olden days people used to visit temples so many times but as time changes people also change. Malls have become our temples. Not only that, we have come to regard malls as important landmarks or tourist attraction we identify our locality by malls that are in our areas. We give it as a landmark. I mean I remember my Borivali area’s landmark was Ambamata Temple but now its landmark is Raghuleela Mall. This shows the changing trends of our country.
Shopping centers are good. They are a sign of dizzying economic growth and a demonstration of how far we have come.
In these days as we worship gods and goddesses for different purposes we now visit different malls for different purposes. Almost in every area there is a mall right from Borivali to Churchagate no matter what it is whether it’s a shopping mall for branded clothes or True Mart for vegetables or big Bazaar, Spinach, Star Bazaar etc. Malls have taken up major places and are increasing rampantly. Almost all sections and strata of people visit malls on a weekly basis. It’s a trend now to buy from malls and not from shops few days later India’s shop culture will disappear and you will see malls in every locality for everything.
There has been a spiraling growth in the number of shopping malls in India from none in 2000 to nearly 100 within five years, most of the malls are located at Mumbai Mumbai and then Delhi NCR, with 360 malls anticipated across India by 2007 and up to 600 malls by the end of 2009. The growth was fuelled by rising incomes, greater availability of credit and busier lifestyles [1]
[1]- Wikipedia

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