A wiseman once said – THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

by – Aishwarya Shree Sharma

‘You can never demand respect, you can only earn it. holds true in every aspect of our lives. We respect those who show us some form of respect. Fernando Torres left Liverpool FC to join Chelsea FC mid season. This news hit the Liverpool fans like nothing else. We were all taken aback by this decision of his, but there everyone was slightly more accepting of it keeping in mind that he is a professional and this has to be a part of his profession. However, as was seen, Liverpool fans were outraged when the transfer took place. Torres left a rather bitter taste in everyone’s mouth when he left with the comments he made about why he wanted to shift. Cut to my childhood when mum pulled my ear and told me to think before I speak, I never understood the worth of that statement until Mr. Torres helped me to understand it well enough.

Torres went out to criticize his previous football club – Liverpool and claimed to be a professional who would OBVIOUSLY want to play for a BETTER team, like Chelsea. Now one must keep in mind that Fernando Torres entered the English Premier League arena through Liverpool. Liverpool in the past credentials has a better record than Chelsea could probably ever have. No one disagrees that Liverpool is going through a rough patch and is facing a rather terrible season. However, to talk about your prior club in such a degrading manner is rather offensive. He has become who he is all thanks to his team and teammates like Steven Gerrard. But in his leaving note he didn’t even bother giving his team the credit that they deserved.

What is more depressing is that Torres is a well acclaimed player in the English Premier League and known as one of the most artistic strikers in today’s world. But again, he praises his new teammates Didier Drogba, Nicholas Anelka and the likes as though he does not even match up to their level as a striker. He says that he is HONOURED to be playing with GREAT players like them as he has always looked up to them. The only thing that disheartens a Liverpool fan like me, is that on his home ground he was held so high. He was looked up to by everyone and according to us fans, he was way out of Drogba’s league. And to see one of your football idols putting himself below other equally talented strikers is just heart breaking.

Liverpool has been one of the top clubs in the EPL and also in the Championship League, and the fans are very
proud of it . And when someone from within the club talks about the club as though he didn’t ever have faith in it, and that it is nothing compared to the others in the league infuriated all the fans. Football fans are rather passionate about their clubs and teams and when anyone raises a comment against it they are the clubs worst enemy. Torres being an insider has just stabbed all his fans in the back and shattered every ounce of respect that he had earned in his stay at Anfield. He could have easily left the cub with the respect and dignity that he had. He didn’t unnecessarily have to demean the club as such and now there is nothing but hatred for Torres in every Liverpool fan’s heart.

You can’t blame them. Its not what you do, but how you do it that matters, and thank you mum you are a very smart woman indeed 😉

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