Caesarean Section rate is touching the pinnacles across the world

By Ruchi Malviya

The first child born by surgery was Bindusara, the second Mauryan emperor of India after Chandragupta Maurya. His mother accidently consumed poison and died when she was pregnant. At that time Chandragupta’s teacher and advisor, Chanakya said that the child should survive and he cut opened the queen’s belly and that’s how the history of cesarean birth dates back to 320 BC. It is been debated that Julius Caesar’s name came from an ancestor who was born by Caesarean section but still no firm records proves this statement.
All Caesarean Sections resulted in the death of the mother, until 1530’s, when the first Caesarean section was performed leaving the mother alive. Jakob Nufer, a pig gelder in Switzerland did surgery on his wife after a prolonged and massive labour.
Caesarean Section (also called C- section) is an alternative for Vaginal Delivery. When vaginal delivery poses threat to mother’s or fetus’s life than C- section is performed. It is a surgical procedure where incision or cut is made in the woman’s abdomen or uterus to remove the baby safely.
Today Caesarean surgery has become a trend across the globe. There is a steady rise in the number of C-sections rate in the world. In 2007-2008, WHO examined 1,07,950 births in India, China, Japan, Nepal and Sri Lanka and came to the conclusion that 27 percent births were delivered by C-section. Out of the 1,07,950 births, 24,000 were from India mainly from states like Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat. According to this survey these countries have crossed the recommended level of C- section rate i.e., 15 percent. The C-section rate in Delhi’s private hospitals is approximately 65 percent. It is to be noted that this trend revolves around he urban parts of India since C- section is a costly procedure beyond the reach of underprivileged population. With this boom in C- section rate is seems that this alternative surgery is considered to be normal and the normal surgery is considered to be alternative or outdated.
C- Sections should be used or recommended in case that seriously demands it. But it should be kept in mind that even in such scenarios the guarantee is not provided. To make it more clear let me narrate you the story of my sister. In her first delivery, she was conceiving twins and the doctor advised her to undergo C- Section. In spite of Caesarean she lost one of her child. During her second delivery she was gain advised to undergo C- Section because of complexities in the first deliver. So it is very clear from this that this method can have any outcome.
What is the cause for the sudden influx of this alternative method? What propels the people to go against the natural phenomenon? The answer to it is very simple. It is the financial gains that motivate the doctors to recommend C- Sections to pregnant women even in situations where their anatomy enables her to conceive in natural/ vaginal method. C- Sections cause Rs 20,000 more than the normal delivery in India. For doctors this has become a massive source of income. Private hospitals are encouraging this method. They are filling their pockets day in and out overlooking the cons that this surgery can pose to the mother and the child health.
Another very important reason why C- Sections are at rise in India is the astrological convenience. The blame for it solemnly lies on parents and family per say who opt for Caesarean surgery based on the time and the locations of stars and planets for the better future, success, peace and prosperity of their child.
Apart from this today the urban standard of living has changed to more luxurious levels. People are ready to spend enormous money for anything that will guard them from discomfort. Women in urban societies are very much in favour of C- Section to avoid going through the pain that vaginal delivery causes.
But this urban chunk of population are forgetting the fact that Caesarean Sections are the life saving methods and should be used in unforeseen, rare and required circumstance. It has various ill effects both on mothers and child’s health like respiratory problem to the child, low birth weight, urine problem, still born baby in case of second delivery etc.
Serious actions need to be taken to avoid these unnecessary and unethical practices. Human should not forget the fact that going against nature has always had catastrophic impacts on humans.

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