‘Being FAIR’

A typical Indian matrimonial ad reads… Wanted a fair, tall, slim, educated  girl … and each matrimonial ad goes on with a fair, homely, educated blah blah…Religion has always been a topic of concern for marriages which now has been repeated so many times that its almost acceptable. But one thing that bothers me is the ‘fair’ phenomena and that one quality that almost every man or a woman seems to publish or rather demand.
The word ‘fair’ has to pop up in almost all matrimonial ads. .Dark is considered ugly and fair is considered beautiful. So we talk about racism every time and forget what happens in our country almost every single day! But it’s the natural Indian phenomena to be obsessed with fair skin. Why? because ‘We are like that only’. People in India are blessed with wheatish complexion. Dusky looks beautiful more than that chalky white complexion. But most of the people here are busy buying stuff which gives them that perfect ‘Peaches and Cream’ complexion which could be matched with any Hollywood star. This obsession in short makes the revenues and profits of one of the leading fairness cream ‘,Fair and Lovely’ rise. There is absolutely no harm in using creams but why do all the ads convey the message of The fair as ‘Mr. confident’ and the ‘dark as the nerd’. Leave alone women, men too have become active participants in this rat race. Being a ‘Gora Chitta’ has always been the ‘in thing’ than being a ‘kaala’.
Kajol has been my favourite actress since DDLJ days. She has never been diplomatic about anything in her life. She made being dusky beautiful and joined eyebrows look fashionable. Until I saw the latest olay ad. Everytime I see that aweful olay ad I wonder who the real kajol is? The one who is extremely beautiful in her natural self or when she is some 100 tones fairer! Fairer to the extent that it is almost scary! First I thought it was some fairness cream ad and really could not recognize her. It was only when my mother told me it was kajol! Its not about who was in the ad but why was she projected like that? I am so sure even if she was projected in her natural complexion (which is dusky) she could have looked beautiful. There was no need of photoshopping her to an extent of being  almost artificial!
So when a foreigner lies down on the beach to get a sun tan to hope to get that coveted brown skin, we love the fact of applying fairness creams and hosts of different face packs to makes our skin a little fairer. A mother will apply innumerable face packs to make her daughter look fair so that she could find a  prospective groom for the matrimonial again which reads: tall fair, homely girl….

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