Their First Meet

In a long-distance relationship for long,

The desire to meet has grown all strong,

In their minds they have always prayed,

When Oh Lord! Would you get swayed?

The God has finally given in

To their ever-lasting tribulation,

Now the day has arrived

For his to get her feel around.

Reaching the airport well before time,

To know it is to take a lot more time.

He is sauntering down the pavement,

Very nervous inside but showing firm.

Now she has finally arrived,

He ran towards her.

A young girl waiting just there

With her mom was a real scare.

Pink top over light blue jean,

Purple stole making him insane.

With a sweet smile on her face,

He thinks that she is one such case.

He asked, “Hey you! Do you remember me?”

She said mom knows it all; we don’t need a trick.

Her mother went towards the other side,

But kept looking at them from the corner of her eyes.

Her sweetness, tantrums and style,

Seemed too good to make his heart fragile.

Seeing her was an ever-lasting joy,

Too precious moments for this boy.

Now the time was over,

He approached her mother and handed her over.

Saw her till she went out of sight.

Left with no reasons to fight.

They felt helpless in complete distress,

Why distancing him from his mistress?

They desired to have done something more at this opportunity,

But no regret, they carry its beauty with vanity.

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