Have u read a Marathi film review?

By Rasika Pote

Everyday on my way to college I would religiously pick up my daily newspaper ‘Hindustan Times’ and flip through the front page and fold the newspaper back. Occasionally I would read film reviews only if I have any personal interest in a particular film. While I read reviews of all the Bollywood and Hollywood films, my dad on the other hand was being updated with all the good Marathi films releasing out there. I was taken aback by this kind of biased journalism as all the Marathi newspapers carried reviews of Marathi films as well as Bollywood and Hollywood. It was an eye opener for me because being a Marathi cinema fan the newspaper which I was reading everyday did not carry any Marathi film reviews.
English newspapers are way behind when it comes to covering art and culture to its fullest. They are busy covering art and culture which is more westernized and does not hold roots in our own culture. Marathi cinema has grown over the years and has achieved great standards in cinematic excellence. There has been more meaning attached to the upcoming films. Films are being made with deeper understanding and on a line of thinking. The audience for Marathi cinema is growing as it is no more the Marathi speaking crowd which is attracted to the theatres but also people belonging to other linguistic background. Due to no coverage given to the reviews in English newspapers majority of the audience are getting seriously deprived of the experience to watch good kind of cinema.
There are no reasons for why English language newspapers are not covering Marathi film reviews as they are very much part of the city and the state as a whole. There are no expectations from them to cover reviews of regional cinema produced in all the states of the country but Marathi cinema is a fundamental aspect of the Maharashtra culture. The major problem with the English speaking media is that they consider themselves too elite to cater to the regional audience needs. Why is the regional audience who are the readers of the English dailies not demanding regional films reviews in the paper? There is more complacency and slack attitude from our part as well because as Marathi speaking readers of an English language daily we are not questioning the publication on coverage of certain relevant topics.

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