Shackles of Pain

by Aastha Katyal

I wish to lie cocooned in the shell of slumber
Where no hurt or distress can put me under
Every moment I breathe in despair when conscious
In frustration, I cannot act as cool as a cucumber

My heart bleeds profusely
And so do my eyes
As they witness each day
The evident sway followed by lies

They say he has no control on himself
They tell me to ignore
How can I, when all that comes to my mind
Are the happy days of yore?

His laugh has disappeared
Wiped off by the incessant binge
His swollen, soulless face
Makes me cringe

I pray to God, but to no avail
Do set his ship of sense, to sail
But even he betrays me, time and again
Leaving me frustrated in the shackles of pain.

The love we had has now drowned
It calls out for help from the sea of alcohol
But I fail to save it, for all I see
Is the drunk, lost man in front of me!

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