‘Chal Politics join karte hain…’

Shaheen Muhammed

‘Chal politics join karte hain… there is no other way out.’
‘Pata nahin… lets join some party… youth wing of it or something. But let’s get into it.’
‘Well, that’s the only viable option we have. Don’t we?’

And the next thing we know is that I and my classmate cum close buddy (Suezelle) end up in Milind Deora’s Colaba office. All geared up to pour out our hearts. Our disappointment. Frustration. Will to change. And the belief that things will change.
Barely ten minutes in the office and we were done with the meeting. End of the story.
So how did it all start? I think the ‘chingaree’ burst during one of our professor’s lecture. He is a very senior journalist, who has been attached with the print media since independence era. Most of the time we end up discussing politics. Politics now and then. His reference to politicians ‘then’ would be freedom fighters, nationalist, committed socialist, visionaries, honest and true to their work. And his reference to politicians ‘now’ would either be a smile (an old man’s sarcasm you see… who has seen it all) or a half said sentence… which if I sum would be: corrupt at mind and corrupt at heart politicians.
So what is the government leading us to? Where is the system heading us? We keep asking these helpless questions to our professors listening to all the cynicism around. And in the end we came up with a conclusion: The country can only be taken over by power. And no more can power be bought by being obedient idealistic citizen of this country by casting our vote at the general elections. It doesn’t lead to any good. Congress or BJP. They are equally questionable.
Our faint voices from a little BMM classroom or facebook statuses…
As if it makes any difference. Huh.
So the verdict was lets get our hands dirty in the game. Lets get into the system. Lets learn the system. Lets be a part of it and know how does ‘politics’ actually ‘feel’. So where do we start? We had to join some youth wing of any political party and as I mentioned earlier, Congress seemed the only viable option. And so that’s how we landed up in Mr. Deora’s office. We thought he would be really excited and thrilled to see us. Apart from the fact that we were good looking Sophiaites ( oh.. I like to assume and believe that), we were two enthusiastic young people who wanted to join Congress and even at some point think about it as a serious career!
But Mr. Deora had too many businesses to attend. One of the ‘Kaaryakarta’s daughter was getting married, so he had come with an invitation card. The other one had some issue with some school in south Bombay so Mr. Deora had to write a letter to the principal. And the others I couldn’t follow well as they spoke in Marathi. We all stood in a semi circle in a dingy office reception. One by one Mr. Deora would listen to us and respond. Our turn was coming. I was nervous ( a lot of it had to do with his towering personality and late thirties hotness of the man). When he came to us, we told him what are intentions were. Briefly for about 30 seconds we spoke. Which basically was this sentence in ‘Hadbadi’- ‘we wanted to join Congress.’ Shit. Damn.

So Mr. Deora asked us to leave our contact with some Mr. Y and that he would put us in some project. And we were done. We left the office and it was disappointing. We thought he would be happy to see young faces coming in voluntarily. Yes, he smiled once. Courteously though. But that’s it. We thought we would speak to him in length and tell him our deep motives of joining Congress. Of how we wanted to change this that blah blah and some more blah.

Our astronomical hypothetical over ambitious ambitions.

It won’t be wrong to say that we were a little demotivated. We haven’t yet sent our resume to Mr. Y. Nothing wrong on Mr. Deora’s part. Definitely not. The busy man has thousands of things to attend everyday. We were just one of them. But we desperately needed that one ‘kick’ to start off.
We missed that. And we are still missing it…

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