Words of a Hypocrite – Aishwarya Shree Sharma

Criticism ideally means the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything. Being a part of the urban middle class I too have mastered the art of criticism. But, my criticism has a prefix to it – arm chair criticism. What is arm chair criticism you ask – I am the 22 year old wine sipping, weekend partying, socializing, critic. I do not bother myself with the who, what, when, where, why and how of the country, but when something falters I am the first to pass my judgment. We live in difficult times, but what worries me the most about our times is the fact that we are the younger generation have been modeled to think, but what is the point of this education when one does not put it into practice.

Beginning form the first time I bribed an officer to today that I do not mind peeking into my neighbor’s answer sheet for test answers, we forget that we as individuals are only inducting ourselves further into a system of corruption. Yesterday a friend of mine said something that highly bothered me –“ You know what, I do not mind paying a government official money to do work, if he gets paid 1 crore I do not mind him keeping 10 lakhs, but he should atleast put the 90 lakh to some use”. What bothered me is not the part where she was alright with the government official pocketing the money but, since when did it become alright to allow someone to get away with something as hideous as the act of cheating, as long as he/she did the work? I of course jumped the gun and asked her that how could she possible be alright with something as low as that? But, it is only when I found myself alone at night that I realized I would probably do the same. Why is it that we are the first to criticize the system, but the last to do something about it.

Maybe it is the fear my parents instilled in me as a child- Do not mess with the people in authority, they will only F*uck you up! Or maybe it is the years of hierarchy that has made me realize that we live in a world where the top remains the top and the lower has to always fend for itself. Why must we only question the system when it fails to yield desired results, why do we not involve ourselves when laws are being passed, when politicans are being elected, when a child is denied education because he/she is a Dalit or when I myself was threatened by a cop to shutup just because I was a girl, but, then I come down to where I began- I am an arm chair critic I am best suited there.


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