Kala Ghoda Art Festival

by Ruchi Malviya

It’s rare to find people from different art forms to display their work at one place and celebrate each art form together with a lot of joy and love. Kala Ghoda Art festival makes it possible for this celebration to happen every year where every year artists, whether well known or unknown, gather in Mumbai to showcase their work. From it’s origin in 1999, Kala Ghoda Art festival has been celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, an event for which not just the artists but art lovers across the country wait for a whole year. Visual arts, dance, music, theatre, cinema, literature, lectures, seminars and workshops, heritage walks, special events for children, and a vibrant street festival forms the centre of this event. This year, just like last year, I went to Kala Ghoda with an expectation to be enjoy, feel and gather the vibrance of the festival and its events. Much to my surprise, the event was beyond my expectations. The crowd this year was much higher, the art pieces were more interesting and the performances were also remarkable.

From pottery, to painting, from handicraft to abstract art installations, from plays to workshops, each form of art is being celebrated with a lot of passion and glory. I think the best time to visit is during the day time when one can enjoy each display without stepping on each other’s feet. But you have to see the live performances by some of the best in the industry standing on the steps of the Asiatic Library. I went there on Sunday with some friends and spent the whole day watching some really intriguing pieces to work. With wooden cows painted with deities and superstars to furniture made of cardboard, the themes of these arts were very different and were very unique in their diaply. Each issue like Child marriage, recycle of e-waste, green revolution, world peace, boom in agriculture, each work of art displayed threw light on various social issues which were presented very creatively and

The event is held at a very amazing place and location as each building in South Bombay has of wonderful architecture. In the background there is the most famous art gallery of the city, Jehangir Art Gallery and another wonderful Max Muller Art Gallery The festival sets the tone for the creativity and interesting innovative masterpieces. It is one of the most remarkable festival where people with different mind, thought, opinion and ideas meet together to produce something sensible in front of the world.

Coming from a small town to this city of dreams, Mumbai, I feel really lucky to experience all such masterpiece and for getting the chance to add substantial thoughts to my knowledge.Kala Ghoda Art festival is on for another week, there are many events coming up like digital art workshop and literature workshop on 12th February, Sonu Nigam’s live performance on the 13th of Feb and many more. I am going to attend these events will you?

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