Anti-Aging Industry

by Prachiti Dhopatkar

In India (excluding the famous celebs) aging is not considered as a disease actually getting old with someone you love or sometimes not loved is still considered as a privilege but, what if you start aging at the age of 19 or 16 then there is something really wrong. Back in 2005, Lena Melnikova a 19 year-Old Russian girl came home from college; her mother did a double take. “She told me I’d suddenly got really pronounced frown lines and wrinkles around my mouth” says Lena. Her mother took her to a specialist and she was diagnosed with a rare rapid aging disease called Werner Syndrome, sufferers usually die in their 40s. Her skin sagged and the wrinkles deepened.

In those days there were no cure to this disease, many Indians also face this disease and some die because it’s not just the skin it’s the heart, kidney, bones that age. Also considering the malnourishment in this country I think it’s pretty obvious that it does exists in India. Many use the stem cell treatment but it’s not permanent so with this it will be good for children’s but for older Indians it will be really weird.

‘In the west millions are spent on the study of age-related disease but the broader anti-aging research is not considered true science’, says Evgeny Nudler one of the leading oligarch funded biochemist, had very little opportunity to work on this. After he met the billionaire businessman Dmitry Zimin founder of BeeLine, the leading Russian mobile-provider. Zimin aided him with $248,000 a year to open the Geron Lab in Moscow. Many Russian millionaires are opening an anti-aging industry example: Timur Artemyev a millionaire sold his mobile phone empire in 2008. India is yet to get and anti-aging industry imagining India to have this industry I think it will be in heavy losses or maybe all minister who are already 50 plus 60 plus suddenly looking young and holding the anti-aging industry and dyeing for maybe free checkup treatments etc. it will be really crazy. Although I can’t even imagine Amabani’s or Birla’s to give funds for research.

Well, coming back to the point Yuri Shevchenko, a former health minister and board member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, has called on Russian scientist to win “the global challenge for the best program for prolonging human life”. I wonder if anyone wants to live so long except the rich but the results of this do seem as remarkable that a couple in their late forties, who recently had their first child, look little more than 30 said “We have also had our eggs and sperms frozen so that we can have another child when we’re in our fifties or sixties, while still looking and feeling like parents and not grandparents,” they say. Well I really wonder if this would survive in India getting old being a grandparent and a parent is a privilege and normal. It would be so funny to see my grandparent play with me and never get old. When I was a child the only difference that I knew between my parents and grandparents no matter how far or close that relative is, it would be the age; if he/ she looks too old than I used to call ‘aaji’ /‘aajoba’ but with this in existence I wonder what will happen.

Last but not the least being a girl I have no escape I have to get married give birth to a child and be committed to a  guy but for a guy I wonder what an amazing time he will have. Anyways, Timur Artemyev who is aiding this research in Russia said, “Life is like a game in which the goal is extended play. I’m in it for both charitable and personal reasons,” says Artemyev who believes that kids born now will live for between 150 and 180 years and he would love his parents to be 18 again so that they could do things they like. In the end it will be a good ray of hope for some children’s who suffer from this disease

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