The Kala Ghoda festival 2011

By Zahra Motorwala.

The Kala ghoda festival is a street festival in Mumbai, celebrating different kinds of Art. The festival began on 5th february this year and will last for the whole week till the 13th of february 2011. there are a lot of activities which take place in the span of this one week. As they are celebrating art and modern culture there are workshops, seminar, discussions and film screenings which take place. All these activities are witnessed by every Mumbaikar as the festival is famous all across the city. Mumbai being the hub of modern art and culture this festival is attended by all art lovers and other onlookers too. There are thousands of people who are attracted to this festival for different reasons. Some love art, some music, and some dance. This festival assures you an eventful time viewing some of the best art the common man has ever seen.

This years festival is also very exciting. The place is crowded with people and stalls which showcased different kinds of art and creativity from all around India, specially the traditional art.

I visited the festival today(6th february) and was overwhelmed looking at the crowd and the enthusiasm I could see all around me. every stall was full of people and everywhere I saw people clicked photographs to capture the beauty of art all around. There were some things that caught my attention like these :-

A crowded affair.

Trendy silver jewellery

A blind man weaving
A blind man weaving. At a stall in the festival.
The art enthusiasts
Crowds attracted to music and dance performances in the festival.

This was at the side of an art piece. the note are suggestions and comments about the art piece which can be seen behind in the photograph.
A set of Rainbow coloured chandeliers which caught my attention.
Vendors outside the festival area trying to sell their goods.
This image signifies our plight in the increasing noice levels of the city
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One Response to The Kala Ghoda festival 2011

  1. Krupali Shah says:

    hey do you have any more photos for thoese rainbow colored lamps…..???? i need some details abt the stall…

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