One picture and a thousand words!

by Aastha Katyal

Each person has their own unique way of seeing things. While someone may see a view but brush it aside, some other person may hold on to it for a few extra minutes cherishing its beauty or simplicity and then move on. Then there are people with the amazing device called a ‘Camera’ who prefer to capture the view and hold onto the image forever, reliving it every time they or someone else sees that photograph.
Then again, there are multiple ways of even capturing an image – different angles, different ways of capturing the light, and other technical matters which are given different degrees of consideration by different people.
Each photograph tells its own story. Different people understand and interpret the story in different ways, depending on their past experiences, their frame of mind, their understanding of their society, and their points of view. It’s amazing how the same photograph can mean so many different things to two different people. Some might attach a negative connotation to a photograph, while others may consider the same photograph to be artistically satisfying, with multiple layers to it.
Here, I have put up a few photographs taken of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, the annual arts and culture festival of Mumbai, which is a much anticipated event by masses and classes alike. The festival provides a platform to artists to display their talents and creatively express themselves, through installations, sculptures, and other ways, provides young entrepreneurs, established businesses and NGOs to set up stalls to sell stuff, promote themselves and their products or create general awareness about a cause.
This festival is an enthralling event which offers a multitude of events, and opportunities to a plethora of people. Film screenings, workshops, guest talks, book exhibition, food stalls, shopping, and cultural performances are popular crowd pullers and make this festival what it is – an attractive, one-of-a-kind experience.

So here go the photographs and I would love to get comments from you’ll on what you interpreted of the photographs. 🙂

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