Did you watch Nero’s guest?

By Ruchi Malviya

What makes a great film? Today it is all about big budget, big directors, producer, glamorous costumes, and well-known page 3 actors and actress. The story has taken a secondary element in the film making.  When it comes to big banner movies people tend to go and watch it even if it does not work for them. But do these movies actually make any sense? One would justify by saying that it is meant for entertainment but Indian cinema had always shown some or the other trend, the pattern of every movie changed with change in Indian culture and society.

Today all movies look almost the same. Some twist and turns gives birth to another Bollywood movie.  All are glamorised to make it appealing and attractive. But we are forgetting that cinema is a very powerful visual medium of communication and therefore should be used appropriately to communicate things which could make people aware of matters, which they are unaware of  or rather are blind towards them.

Last week, a very spectacular movie was screened in our college called the Nero’s guest made by Deepa Bhatia. A documentary made on the work of P Sainath, editor of rural affairs in Hindu. This documentary brought tears in my ears. It was the first and the only documentary that shock me and touched me to such a deep extend. The documentary revealed some gruesome reality of life. It showed how farmers suicide is increasing at an alarming rate in India today and all media care about it celebrity, paid news and their vested interested. It showed how P Sainath had spent his seven years to tackle this issue and bring it to light.  The movie showed how government is neglecting this section of society conveniently.  The documentary was not very exaggerated or dramatic but in a very simple, subtle and in a linear manner it bought facts and stories of deprived, one after another that shocks me and made me wonder about it.

After the movie Deepa Bhatia shared her experience of making this movie. What came to limelight was the fact that today Indian Cinema is going nowhere. Movies like Nero’s guest are not appreciated or does not get sponsors since it does not have SRK or Aamir Khan or it does not have songs like Sheela ki jawaani. On contrary it talks about some important causes which people are not worried about because it does not make any difference to their lives. To these elite audience and the filmmaker it is all together a different world. And the media is playing a crucial role to reinforce this trend or idea. Movies like Dhobi Ghat is tagged as art movie, is popularized since it’s a big banner movie-Aamir khan production. All kind of publicity is done to attract audience. The movie is supposed to be based on the Dhobi Ghat but for those all who have seen it did it really talked about dhobi’s. On one hand where Dhobi Ghat was everywhere, nobody even knows about Nero’s guest. So where are we going in terms of cinema and society today?

Today the quality of cinema is declining. It has only become a business and is not more about passion. But if it continue then what will happen to masterpieces like Nero’s guest?


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