May be I’m Addicted …

by Shabdita Shrivastav

The youth today is singing only one song these days that is maybe I am addicted I am out of control Face book is the drug that keeps me from dying. Yes! There seems to be a great addiction among youngsters about using social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MindSpace etc.  Statistics reveal that almost 73% of teens and 72% of young adults are using social networking websites today.71% of the social networking website users are between 18-29 years of age. In contrast only 40% of adults and 30 % old people use social networking websites.

It looks like life beyond social networking sites. The different types of websites used by teens are instant messaging, social websites, blogging, chat rooms, etc. It is said that face book has taken over other social websites. Statistics reveal that 73% of the people use Face book, 48% use MySpace and 14% LinkedIn. I have seen people almost dug deep inside their bb‘s (Blackberry) and giving out details of each and every moment of their lives. One of my friends recently updated saying that “Face book is my morning newspaper”.  I have also come across many people who just click pictures to upload on FB and other sites! These people seriously need to give themselves a break.

Though there are positive benefits of social networking websites like promoting talent, interacting with people with same interests, giving out useful information to people, healthy discussions etc but at the same time there are negative impacts as well. Teens may be a victim of sexual abuse, threat to life, insulting through messages, and damage to social and professional image etc.

The youth today prefers staying at home and chatting with friends. They do not prefer playing outdoor game and do not take interest in what is happening in the outside world. This in turn makes them more lethargic and lazy which in turn also affects their health. A study also reveals that teens spend 80% of their time on social networking sites. Well if the situation continues at the same rate even further it’s going to get scarier in the near future!


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