It’s indeed a Zor Ka Jhatka!

by Shabdita Shrivastav

After KBC he is back on the small screen and this time definitely not with a bang! YesShahrukh Khan is back on the small screen with his new show Zor Ka Jhatka Total Wipe out. To begin with Zor ka Jhatka is a reality show which has contestants from the Television and Gamour industry. The show is a copy or adaptation as they call it of an American show called Wipe out. ZKJ is being aired across 22 countries across the world. The show has been shot in Argentina.

On the Shahrukh Khan tries his best to give the best commentary while the contestants are performing but successfully fails at it. He is trying very hard to crack humorous and witty jokes but there is no comparison of how bad he is. He is not at all charming or appealing as a host. And the worst thing is that he is hosting the show from the Mumbai studious after seeing the episode shot in Argentina. If we had to compare SRK with other celebrities on reality shows like Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan or Priyanka Chopra we can say that he is the worst celebrity host so far! Throughout the show he passed cheap comments for the contestants, for instance when a female contestant fell in the muddy water he passed a remark saying “Mujhe Gandi Ladkiya Bahut Pasand  hai”, he addressed Claudia Ciesla as “Gulabo” throughout the show.

The show has some references to a show on POGO channel called “Takeshi’s Castle” where Javed Jaffery did the voice over for the show in India. The contestants of this show don’t are the worst celebrity contestants and people have not even heard of. I am sure that Shahrukh Khan also does not know who they are. Some of the contestants are Raja Choudhry(the controversy king), Natasha Suri (former miss India) , Manoj Kumar (boxing champion) , Debina Banerjee ( a t.v actress), Baktiyar Irani ( T.V actor and Choreographer) and some more losersto add to the list!

The format of the show is where all contestants compete to reach the final through various tasks and ultimately there is one winner who will get direct entry into the grand finale as well as price money of  Rs 10 Lakhs. The same format will be repeated every day. How boring is that?

On this show I have seen Shahrukh khan pass very cheap comments which definitely do not suit the personality of a superstar like him. Towards the end of the show he made a remark saying that “Pani Bachiye aur Padosi kay sathe Nahiye” .Well I hope Shahrukh is not saying this out of his personal experience. As far as the show is concerned all I can say is Shahrukh your name might be Khan but that does not work everywhere you see.


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