Saving “HER”

by Shabdita Shrivastav

Female foeticide is increasing at an alarming rate. This is a social evil that has its root in the Indian society. A girl child was considered as a burden to the family. Girls and Boys were profit and loss statements for parents. Boys were equal to profit meaning they will earn for the family and when they get married they can demand dowry and bring more money in the house. Girls meant loss educating her would be seen as a loss and getting them married means paying dowry which meant further loss. But the question is has the situation changed today?

I know somebody who was born and was left near the garbage bin to die. A 60 year old lady saw her and took her to her house. Since then this lady has been taking care of her. If it would not have been for that lady this girl would have died.How can someone have a heart to do that? I have one question in mind how can a women kill another women that too her own daughter her own blood? But I guess the answer is all is far as far as killing a girl child.

Today innovative techniques like ultra sound, biopsy, devised to detect genetic abnormalities, are highly misused by number of families to detect gender of the unborn child. There are a number of clinics and Hospitals which are supporting the couples for aborting the girl child. And all of this just for 800 – 1000. This is the minimum money required for abortion. So a girl child’s life is worth only 1000 bucks. DR. Vartika Shrivastav a gynaecologist says, “In a month I get around fifteen to twenty people who come to abort the female foetus. I only agree to abort the child has some kind of abnormality or if the birth can harm the mother or her life is at risk. Otherwise we don’t do it.”

According to a research done by UN about 750,000 girls are aborted every year in India. Out of 12 millions girls born every year only 1/3 survive. And it looks like the situation will get worst in the near future. Educating women is very important. Moreover the attitude of people towards having a girl child has to change. Till then Saving “HER” is not possible.

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