Sanai Chaughade Review

by Rasika Pote

Marriage is an institution where two souls come together to walk the journey of life. “Sanai Chaughade” a Rajeev Patil film speaks about marriage in its true terms. The film revolves around Sai the lead protagonist who is a confident, broad minded, honest and independent girl. She is having a past which serves as a deciding factor for her future. She is in constant conflict of social acceptance and morality.

The film deals with a sensitive issue of single unmarried mother .She is portrayed as a woman whose fate didn’t permit her to have a easy way out in life but to fight for every right of her happiness. Once again this film builds the image of woman being the sensible idiot and completely responsible for her actions. The progression of the film gradually takes us to a higher level of thinking where the film talks with some conviction. The audiences watching the film actually views the film from Sai’s point of view, the society’s point of view and wait for the climax for a blending.

The movie becomes quite lengthy due to some unwanted scenes but the director seems very clear with his concepts of putting those important bits together in the movie. “Kande Pohe” is used as a metaphor in the film to show true connection in arranges marriages. Sanai Chaughade is a good film with detailed research on clichés used for marriages, mixture of actors who were justified for their roles and a powerful script which keeps the audience glued to their seats towards the end.

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