Sunday Schools receive A for efforts

In this day and age when faith, religion and spirituality are given a backseat, Sunday schools are still alive and kicking in the city of  Mumbai. Faith formation, according to Fr Terence Murray, Director of Diocesan Catechetical Centre, is an important part of our development. He says, “Like all the other quotients in the corporate world, today, we also have something known as ‘spiritual quotient’. Spirituality indeed plays an important role in our lives.”
Most of the Sunday school teachers are also working professionals and college students, and hence there is a constant battle with time. “It is very important to balance time,” says Sabrina Vieira, Coordinator at Sunday school, Holy Name Cathedral Church. “As my weekends are not too occupied, I manage to organise my self,” she adds.
“I compromise on my television,” says Priya D’Souza, Sunday school teacher at Our Lady of Egypt Church, Kalina. “I dedicate at least an hour a day to prepare for my class,” she adds.
Catechism teachers feel the need to modify their style of teaching to ensure that the message is sent across. “Teaching at Sunday school is definitely a challenge as all the students are not of the same intelligence level. All I need to do is modify my teaching style,” Says Sabrina. However, Priya likes to teach in a friendly atmosphere. She says, “At the end of the day they are kids and if I don’t keep up a friendly attitude, I find it very difficult to teach.”
Besides providing an insight into the religion, students also believe that Sunday school helps them in becoming a better person. “We learn more about our religion but above all it helps us to become better human beings,” says 16-year-old Anoushka Viegas who will soon receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
According to 11-year-old Bevan Jacinto, children are taught the Bible the fun way. “We play games, have quiz competitions and also watch films at times,” he says.
The Bombay Diocesan has recently started a new evening Sunday school for special children called God’s Amazing Grace. “We realised that special children usually receive their sacraments without much faith formation. Hence there was a need for a special way to groom their faith,” says Sylvania Bhosle, Sunday school teacher for special children. “Teaching special children demands a lot of patience,” she says. “The syllabus is specially modified for them as we need to cater to physically as well as mentally challenged children,” adds Sylvania who is also a special educator by profession.


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